• Color Utility

    Yuuko lets you get alternate representations of any valid CSS color, with support for more formats on the way. She can also show you a preview of the color and link you to colorhexa for more information and related colors.

  • npm Package Lookup

    Look up any Javascript package in the npm registry, or search for packages by name or topic. Yuuko allows you to easily get the npm page, GitHub repo, or website of any package, and also includes links back to the search results page on npm for easy browsing.

  • Code Testing

    Ever wanted to test a piece of code without spinning up a new project or Node instance? With Yuuko, you can evaluate arbitrary snippets of Javascript, Ruby, and Python 3.6 code in a sandbox and get their synchronous results, without leaving Discord!

  • And More!

    In addition to developer-oriented commands, Yuuko comes prepared with generic commands to roll dice, pick randomly from a list, and more. These extra features add to Yuuko’s core functionality.