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Yuuko npm module Discord support server Dependency status Dev dependency status

A Discord bot in Node that focuses on getting and manipulating information useful to developers and designers.

Using the bot

Usage information for the bot (the usable commands, default configuration, and other help topics) can be found here.

Using the package

Yuuko's core is available as a module on npm. It extends Eris and is basically an alternative to its CommandClient class.

The goal of this module is to provide me a base I can use to make basic, single-server bots. As a result, it doesn't include any faculties for things like per-guild prefixes or configuration.


$ yarn add yuuko # yarn
$ npm install --save yuuko # npm


const {Client, Command} = require('yuuko');

const mybot = new Client({
  token: 'your_bot_token',  // Token used to auth your bot account
  prefix: '.'               // Prefix used to trigger commands

const pingCommand = new Command('ping', function (msg) {

$ node index.js

For more information, see the API Docs.


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