Command List


Yuuko comes with some commands built-in to make your life easier when building and your bot. They can be used like so:

const debug = require('yuuko/dist/commands/debug');


Evaluates Javascript. Lets you manually inspect properties of the client, awaits promises, and also mocks out the console so you can perform console.logs and have them displayed in Discord.


A default help command. Add a help property to your command like so:

const someCommand = new Command(...); = {
	desc: 'Does some things',
	args: '<anything that you pass to the command>',

This default help command will pick up the help information from that property and automatically show it when people do ~help <commandname>.


Reloads any commands that were loaded from files. Useful if you need to test a new change to a command without restarting the whole bot.


Sets the bot user’s avatar. Feed the command an image URL or upload an attachment with your message.


Sets the bot user’s username. Send the new username as the only argument to the command.


Sets the bot user’s status. To change the bot’s status icon, pass online, offline, idle, or dnd. To change the bot’s status text, pass the new text. You can also pass both at once - put the icon name first.